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Basic Competences

This course is the foundation on which all our advanced courses build. It introduces the vocabulary and concepts that will help you to explain your own reference framework and to understand alternative frameworks. It will enable you to anticipate to what others expect from you.

You will watch videos and make assignments; you will go through 20 parts to complete the course. After the introduction (2:04'), you will reflect on questions such as 'What is your identity?' 8:38') and 'How do cultures differ?' (7:21'); you will become acquainted with concepts like 'Pillars' (6:46) and 'Pyramids’ 8:14), and you will learn about 'Relationships across cultures' (9:49').

After each session, you will make an assignment assessing your own patterns and those of others. At the end of the course, you will make your Cultural Quantum Self-Assessment.

This course is a crucial first step to develop practical tools and instruments for effective cross-cultural management and communication strategies.

Minimum time needed for this course is 45' (videos only). Most people take around 3 to 4 hours to complete this course with all its assignments (20 parts). The deeper you reflect on each of the assignments the more you will get out of it.