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This course has been called an eye-opener by businesspeople and researchers. It has led people to reflect on themselves in a totally new way, in some cases resulting in new career paths and or life-changing decisions.

The course equips you with the vocabulary to describe the logic underpinning your own actions, and those of other people. It highlights leadership styles, meeting dynamics, ownership, time and planning across cultures, and more. It provides tools and instruments to handle complex cross-cultural situations.

The insights you will gain here will help you in all your future interactions with people across cultures.

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Time and planning across cultures

Cultures differ in many ways. One potential difference is how people deal with time and planning. Some professionals follow detailed structured planning; others have long lunch breaks and spend hours chatting with business partners.
In this course, we will take a closer look at what is going on beneath the surface and how you can deal with that in practice.

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