Cross-Cultural Misunderstanding #5

cross-cultural misunderstandings Sep 30, 2020

This category introduces participant's cases that we discussed in workshops. The variety of issues people come across reflects the multitude of cross-cultural misunderstandings and how disrupting and dysfunctional they can be.

"We were at a local school in the countryside in Ethiopia for data collection. The day before, children were asked by their teachers to bring their parents if possible (to answer one of our questionnaires). But when we arrived, nobody of our team gave clear information to the parents about what was going to happen. Maybe some of them were already waiting there for hours. I was feeling ashamed and very uncomfortable because in my opinion it was not very respectful to keep them waiting without concrete information and guidelines about our plan of action. Because I was just as student at that moment, I did not dare to ask my supervisors why they did not explain our plan and purpose to the parents or to advise them to do so."