The Lies that Bind. Rethinking Identity

must read books Oct 01, 2020

Anthony Kwame Appiah is an author everyone should read, not just one of his books, but all of them. They are beautifully written, sharp, poetic, charming, bright, personal, eye-opening and eloquent. He continues to amaze how sharp the human brain can be.

The Lies That Bind. Rethinking Identity decontructs categories we all too easily take for granted: gender, religion, race, nationality, class, and culture. He opens our eyes for the myths, he calls it 'lies' we have grown up with. 

In In My Father's House Appiah brings us to the heart of  African Ashanti identity, comparing science with rituals and showing how close they are linked to each other.

In The Ethics of Identity Appiah discusses individual autonomy and the Western Enlightenment and pleads for 'neutrality as equal respect'.

Cosmopolitanism. Ethics in a world of strangers is an appeal for mutual respect. Appiah searches for what connects us as human beings. Appiah's writings show a deep humane concern. In reflecting on his own complexity as a human being, we as readers  cannot but reflect on ourselves. Appiah's work is eye-opening.